About I’m the Chef, Too!

What started as a simple Facebook page of my children cooking up a storm in our kitchen, has now evolved into I’m the Chef Too! My boys who were 2 and 4 at the time have always loved to cook, and they wanted to be involved in everything I did, from mixing to chopping to sampling! I decided to break down the steps for my toddlers and put them to work. Every day I would post pictures of my children helping me cook on social media along with our recipes, in hopes that we could encourage our friends to involve their little ones in their kitchen as well. Our following eventually grew and a friend approached me one day as we were talking, and in a joking manner said, “When can I drop my kids off in your kitchen?” That was when I’m The Chef Too! was created. If I can make cooking and baking fun for my little ones, then why not yours? As a school teacher who has taught for over 10 years, I decided to take my love of teaching out of the classroom and into the kitchen! All of the standards I was once teaching in my classroom about reading, science, math, art, STEM, STEAM, and social studies are now infused into  recipes making cooking and learning fun, engaging, and tasty!

With a dash of imagination and a pinch of creativity, I’m the Chef Too has been able to reach thousands of chefs and turn ordinary kitchens into multi-sensory playgrounds!

Since then, there’s not a day that goes by without my kids running into the kitchen screaming,
“Wait for me, I’M THE CHEF TOO!”

Meet our Staff!

Jessica Bare

Director of Programming and Sales

I joined the I’m the Chef Too! MD team as Director of Programming and Sales in May 2018. Prior to this role, I worked as an Educational Consultant at Vanderbilt University and a teacher for a variety of elementary grade levels.

As a long- time educator with a personal passion for cooking and baking, I was thrilled to find this opportunity. I am a true believer in the power of kids in the kitchen and cooking as an avenue for learning. Engaging children in our hands-on cooking activities and witnessing their sense of pride in the food they create is so rewarding. I love what I do, and actively work to grow my skills by taking classes and researching new and exciting recipes to share with our chefs.

Outside of work, you can find me in the kitchen, doing outdoor activities with my husband and dog, or watching the Food Network. I  hope to meet you and your little chef soon!

“My parents have taken my 2.5 year old daughter twice and she absolutely loved it! She made neat dinosaur cookies and rainbow pop tarts! Lisa made my parents and daughter feel so comfortable and had such nice touches, directions to go, and a cute apron and fun chef hat to take home too! We will definitely be going back in the future! Lisa also is VERY responsive if you have questions, and she took some great pics of the classes!“