BUBBLES!!! Do you love them? I love bubbles(I’m totally that yellow fish from Finding Nemo😂)

If you ignore the sticky mess that the children become, bubbles are one of my favorite pastimes! I love the magic of blowing through that wand and watching shiny round orbes appear. 

In our first week of summer break we decided to take the bubble fun to the next left. Homemade bubble wands! Such a fun idea and so easy even for my littlest to do. We used pipe cleaners and plastic Pony beads. I helped the baby bend the top of his pipe cleaner into a circle and twist it around the handle. My big kid tried making a heart shape and it worked pretty well! Once the bubble part of the wand was formed we decorated the handles with beads! 

This was such a fun project for both kids and of course when we were done we had to test them out. There is nothing like the laughs and joy of kids with bubbles on a hot day!