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Spring Into Fun! Tie Dye with I’m the Chef Too!

Spring is here! And with it, summer is right around the corner. I think every parent is with me when I say that summer comes the need to keep the kids entertained. So how are you going to do it? Schedules, books, screens, crafts? Have you thought about tie dying? It’s a fun activity to do outdoors (less mess this way mamas!) and it can be such a fun way to teach about colors and patterns.

We love to mark each summer with a new tie-dyed shirt for each of us. It’s a great memory for the kids that takes just […]

STEM in The Kitchen With Kids

Sometimes the best learning happens when you least expect it! Most parents may not know that STEM is the perfect opportunity to gets kids excited to learn. This engaging way of learning incorporates science, technology, engineering, and math -all great tools to allow children to explore new and creative ways to problem solve, innovate, create, and best of all, think outside the box. It enables them to question the world around them, allowing their curiosity to foster innovation!

Get Creative!

The kitchen is filed with opportunities to give children the creative confidence to learn […]

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