About Our Classes

In our highly engaging, hands on cooking classes, children will get their hands dirty while exploring their imagination and creativity though educational concepts in the kitchen! Each recipe is infused with critical thinking skills, conceptual understanding, and opportunities for real world application of content related concepts.

We incorporate educational topics in our highly engaging and hands on workshops where children are learning and cooking!

Mommy & Me Classes
for Ages 2+


Fall Fun

Join us as your little chefs get their hands dirty in our kitchen mixing, measuring, cutting, and rolling to create delicious family meals and snacks […]


Dinosaur Discoveries

Explore the world of dinosaurs and become a junior paleontologist with your favorite foods! Discover fossils, behaviors, adaptations, and habitats of your favorite dinosaurs through […]


The Sensory Station

Come discover fun, curiosity, and creative thinking all while playing with food! With a little bit of imagination children are in control of what they […]


Bug Out!

Don’t miss out on a chance for a creepy crawler adventure as we explore the world of insects through food! Learn about these invertebrates through […]


Kitchen Little

It’s time to cook with our favorite books! Join us as we have fun learning new recipes- varying from savory to sweet – inspired by […]

Upcoming Classes and Series

Junior Chef Series
Grades K to 5


Hogwarts School of Culinary Magic

Come relive the excitement of Harry Potter’s adventures with magical recipes in our kitchen! With a dash of mystery and a pinch of creativity, you’ll […]



Join us as we transform our kitchen into a tinker lab where children are inspired to build like an engineer, question like a scientist, create […]


Kitchen Adventures

Travel back in time and learn about our history! Become paleontologists and study the different species of dinosaurs, blast off into outer space and learn […]


Pop, Fizz, Bang!

Put on your lab coat and join us in the kitchen where you are the scientist and the kitchen is your laboratory! Children will apply […]

“My seven year old daughter just finished the Junior Chef Series. She loves to cook and this was the perfect class for her. Lisa was great. She is so patient with all the kids and very organized. I appreciated how quickly she responded to my questions when I was looking into the class and how easy the registration process was. My daughter enjoyed each class and loved being able to bring home a tasty dinner for our family. The fact that she prepared the food that we had for dinner got her to eat veggies that normally she would spit out! LOL I would happily sign her up again.”