Galaxy Donut Adventure Kit

Galaxy Donut Adventure Kit

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Sept. 23 2020

Get ready to embark on an edible adventure with I’m The Chef Too! that blends food, STEM, and the Arts into educational fun! Each adventure allows children to discover, inspire, question, create, and invent all the through the world of cooking! In this Galaxy Donut Adventure, kids will blast off into outer space and journey through a cosmic adventure of galaxies galore! Take a trip to the stars and create galaxy donuts and galactic glaze, calculate your weight on other planets, identify our constellations by making a constellation geoboard, and learn about the art of marbleization as you make galactic art paper! What’s really out there in the universe, billions of miles away…come explore!

Each adventure kit is filled with 1 main recipe, pre-measured dry ingredients, specialty supplies, an activity guide, recipe card, a short shopping list of items needed, collectible apron patch, and 3 STEAM based projects that are all theme related.

Evaluation comments:

“My daughter was so excited and couldn’t wait to open the box.She loves cooking.”

“Fun that we could do this activity together as a family or just my daughter and I”

“I like that it comes with almost all the items needed to complete the projects. The other items that it did not come with, we already had.”

“The instructions for the projects were easy to follow. Each project kept us busy for several hours.”

“We liked learning about the constellations and having the kids learn how to make donuts by following directions.”

Suggested Retail: $45.00For Ages: elementary aged kids, tweens, and entire family