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I’m The Chef Too! Is now accepting pre-orders for our educational cooking kits to keep children reading, thinking, and learning during the self quarantine. Each edible adventure includes a cross curricular series of educational concepts that are infused into our recipes, making learning fun, engaging, and tasty out of the comfort of your home. Our class experiences are now boxed up and delivered right to your doorstep – free delivery!

NOW AVAILABLE for PRE-ORDER! Limited quantities available with a release date of 3/24.

Each interactive baking kit in our collection allows children to explore, inspire, question, create, and invent all through the world of cooking. Who knew learning could be so delicious?
Please Note: Ingredients in our kits do not contain nuts, however some of these items are processed in the same facility as them. We cannot accommodate to allergies at this time. 

Baking Kits Include…

  • 3 Recipe Cards
  • A Variety of Dry Pre-Measured Ingredients and Supplies
  • Educational Delicious Fun and Activities

Your Edible Adventures Await! Choose from the Following…

Kitchen Adventures

    • Cupcake Geodes
    • Canvas Cookies w/ Edible Paint
    • Rainbow Bagels

Travel back in time and learn about history! Study different species of dinosaurs, blast off into outer space and learn about our solar system, or step into the shoes of a geologist and explore geodes and the science behind how rocks and crystals are formed. Each recipe is an adventure that is sure to keep you on your feet!

Hogwarts School of Culinary Magic

    • Butterbeer Cupcakes
    • Mandrake Terrariums
    • Exploding Bon Bons

Relive the excitement of Harry Potter’s adventures with magical recipes! With a dash of mystery and a pinch of creativity, you’ll conjure up magical treats, snacks, and potions. Experience the wizarding world of culinary concoctions!

The Creative Kitchen

    • S’more Poptarts
    • Oreo Sprinkle Cakes
    • Silly Guy Cookie Pies

Get creative in the kitchen, where children are inspired with out of the box thinking as they explore STEAM and design edible creations! Chefs will learn through various levels of inquiry as they create edible arts and crafts, interactive cake designs, and use what they learn to whip up their own recipes!

The Playful Chef

    • Teddy Bear Bread
    • Tiger Cakes
    • Rainbow Pancakes

It’s time to get creative and play with your food! Chefs will take fruits, veggies, and dishes packed with protein and transform them into amazing food art! Use a variety of kitchen tools to create fun animals, creatures, silly faces and out of this world designs with everyday food. All you need is your imagination!

Kits are NOW AVAILABLE for PRE-ORDER! Limited quantities available with a release date of 3/24. Click the “Enroll” button in the main navigation menu.
Free Delivery is Available in Howard County! Suitable and fun for kids Grades K thru 5. Kits priced at $45.oo Each.