Adventure Kit

  • Galaxy Donuts
    Blast off into outer space and journey through a cosmic adventure of galaxies galore! Take a trip to the stars and create galaxy donuts and galactic glaze, calculate your weight on other planets, identify our constellations by making a constellation geoboard, and  learn about the art of marbleization as you make galactic art paper! What’s really out there in the universe, billions of miles away…come with us to explore!
  • Under the Sea Kids Cooking Adventure Kit I'm The Chef Too Adventure Kit
    Did you know that about 1 million species of animals live in the ocean? Come discover what life is like for these amazing sea creatures! Whip up under the sea cakes as you identify several invertebrates that live on ocean floor, learn about coral reefs as you create your own aquarium with hydrophobic sand, experiment with sharks to see what keeps them afloat, and design your own sea creature circuit that actually lights up! Let’s dive in!
  • Dinosaur and Teranium I'm The Chef Too Dinosaur Adventure Kit
    Explore the world of dinosaurs and become a junior paleontologist as you travel back in time to learn about your favorite species! Discover how they lived by creating edible terrariums, uncover clues from the past to create a  prehistoric fossil, and engineer and build-a- dino to learn about their adaptations. Before your quest ends, step into the role of a T Rex to see if you have good aim and eye claw coordination in our binocular vision challenge! Are you up for the adventure? Please note: Terrarium styles may vary depending on inventory stock.
  • Erupting volcano kids cooking adventure I'm The Chef Too Volcano Adventure Kit
    Put on your hardhat and come journey with us through the many layers of Earth! Along the way you will explore the geology of our planet as you mold and build a 3D model, engineer and bake a volcano cake that you can actually erupt and eat, learn about the science of chemical reactions by mixing up bath bombs, and then identify properties of rocks as you paint and make your own rock necklace! Can you dig it?
  • PRESALE Limited Fall Edition! Ships out 10/17/20 Get ready to celebrate Halloween with some of our favorite treats and a few tricks if you dare! Join us on our haunted adventure as we experiment with things that fizz, pop, scream, and bubble! Learn about translucency and how light passes through materials as you create Spoooky Cake Pops, discover properties of density with Candy Corn Chemistry, and stir up Goblin Guts as they ooze and gooze through your fingers! This will be a Halloween you will never forget!
  • I'm The Chef Too Canvas and Paint I'm The Chef Too Canvas and Paint Adventure Kit
    Grab your paintbrush and palette and get ready to create amazing masterpieces! Use your imagination and creativity as you learn about famous artists and their techniques  to make canvas cookies and paint, design sun catchers as you learn about geometric composition, engineer a crafty crossbow as you explore physics and how to launch them using potential and kinetic energy, and best of all create artwork as you write with electricity using our electrochemistry set!  Through electrolysis of water you will learn how electric currents can pass through water to create beautiful works of art! How cool is that?