Under The Sea Cakes Kit


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Did you know that about 1 million species of animals live in the ocean? Come discover what life is like for these amazing sea creatures! Whip up under the sea cakes as you identify several invertebrates that live on ocean floor, learn about coral reefs as you create your own aquarium with hydrophobic sand, experiment with sharks to see what keeps them afloat, and design your own sea creature circuit that actually lights up! Let’s dive in!

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This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Adventure Recipe
  • Pre measured Dry Ingredients
  • Specialty Supplies
  • 2-3 themed STEM Related Activities
  • Apron Patch
  • Activity Guide

This adventure blends food, STEM, and the Arts into educational fun! Our recipes and themed projects in this kit include the following educational STEAM concepts:

  • Oceanography Too!
  • Chemistry Too!
  • Biology Too!
  • Physics Too!

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Weight 2.07 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in

3 reviews for Under The Sea Cakes Kit

  1. eriknjen (verified owner)

    I purchased this amazing kit for my nephews to try out! They absolutely loved it–as did their parents! Everything in the kit is perfect to teach and inspire a love of learning; not only about under water creatures, but fantastic science and math concepts. Their favorite activity in the kit was making the octopus cupcakes; everything from mixing colors to make the frosting, piping the octopus legs, and of course eating. What can be better than learning while having fun! I strongly recommend this kit and can’t wait to send them more kits to learn from!

  2. Michelle Wirth (verified owner)

    Such a fun adventure! Learning about under the sea creatures was so much fun as we made Octopus cakes! They came out perfectly, with all of the items included in the kit! We really enjoyed learning about electricity as we made a shark circuit and lit up their eyes, and then created an AWESOME aquarium out of hydrophobic sand! My kids were mesmerized how the sand stayed dry even in the water- SO COOL! We love these adventures, they keep the kids learning, engaged and off of screen time- highly recommend!

  3. Rosie Van Schoor (verified owner)

    LOVE this kit! I ordered 2 of these for my niece and nephew for Christmas, and the kids just LOVED them. They learned a lot and got to enjoy a sweet treat as a reward. It was a great way to spend Christmas day with family. I recommend these to EVERYONE.

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