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      at St. Martin’s Episcopal School 

375-A Benfield Road
Severna Park, MD 21146

This summer, St. Martin’s-in-the-Field Episcopal School is proud to once again partner with Club SciKidz MD and I’m the Chef Too! MD for our Summer Fun in-the-Field line up! We are excited to be offering five weeks of camp this summer, with six different camp options each week. This year registration has been streamlined so that it can all be done through one registration system. We hope to see you at camp this summer!

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Session 1: Week of June 17

Little Numbers Chef (ages 3.5-5) $199

This camp is a half day camp and runs from 9:00am-12:00pm. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Children will learn how to count and identify numbers while preparing, cooking, and snacking their way though number concepts. Little chefs will problem solve and use critical thinking in order to cook up mathematical creations in the kitchen! Who knew math could be so delicious?

Little Robot Engineer (ages 6-8) $369

This camp is an introduction into the world of robotics. Campers will learn about the six simple machines and how they are incorporated into more complex machines. Campers will also learn about circuits and power sources as they build our “Mars-like” RC Rover. The radio-controlled RC Rover is capable of performing 23 experiments and activities. Campers will also have fun constructing their very own moving robot! Campers will be able to take home the robots they build for ours of fun after the camp week has finished!

Dinosaur Discoveries (ages 6-8) $339

Explore the world of dinosaurs and become a junior paleontologist with your favorite foods! Discover fossils, behaviors, adaptations, and habitats of your favorite dinosaurs through hands on fun. Create 3D dinosaur cookies, build a T-Rex out of cake, make Jurassic amber snacks, and mix up other tasty treats!

 Young Surgeon (ages 9-12) $339

Campers learn about the life of physicians and surgeons and are exposed to the important life saving techniques of first aid. Numerous hands-on projects include using medical instruments, triage and diagnosis, and how to give a shot. We also explore the structures and physiology of the amazing human body. Each camper will receive a stethoscope, dissection kit, first aid supplies and take their “Medical Boards” at the end of the week to receive their certificate. Projects include:  Mammal heart dissection, making herbal medicines, learning to stitch a wound, build a lung model, first aid techniques and splinting.

Aspiring Architect (ages 10-14) $349

Any child with a creative mind can be an architect! Get ready to learn about the rich history and wisdom of centuries past. Every adventure will offer hands-on activities inspired by building designs around the world including the Taj Mahal, Notre-Dame, the Great Pyramid, and the Parthenon. Come explore the innovations and physical science behind these structures and understand how our modern building techniques and materials have evolved over time!

Session 2: Week of June 24

Kitchen Little (ages 3.5-5) $199

This camp is a half day camp and runs from 9:00am-12:00pm. It’s time to cook with our favorite books! Join us as we have fun learning new recipes- varying from savory to sweet – inspired by our favorite storybook characters. Little chefs will learn hands-on cooking techniques, try new delicious and nutritious ingredients, and get their hands dirty mixing, measuring, rolling, all while exploring their imagination!

Jr. Chemist (ages 3.5-5) Half Day $199   Full Day $339

It is time for Glues, Brews and Goos! From our stockpile of hundreds of recipes and formulas, we have chosen our top favorite chemistry activities. Campers will love digging into and examining the results of these crazy chemical concoctions! Campers will create several other wacky, wild and crazy concoctions! Our Jr. Chemists will realize the importance of measurement and sequencing as they use a taco sauce creation to clean pennies and investigate candy chromatography.Sample Projects: 
Blob Explosions, Funny Putty, Magic Bubble Paint, Make your own Chewing Gum.

Jr. RPG Game Design (ages 6-8) $339

Make your role-playing games come to life! Our RPG Maker camp shows 6-8 year old campers how to create their very own epic role-playing game using the RPG Maker VXAce program, where they will battle fierce monsters prowling in a dungeon. Campers will learn what RPG is, the history of RPG, all the basics, the character, and all aspects of the game.

Kitchen Adventures (ages 6-8) $339

Travel back in time and learn about our history! Become paleontologists and study the different species of dinosaurs, blast off into outer space and learn about our solar system and planets, or even step into the shoes of a geologist and explore geodes and the science behind how rocks and crystals are formed. Each recipe is an adventure that is sure to keep you on your feet!

The Art Studio (ages 8-12) $339

Grab a paintbrush and mix up some colors to create amazing works of art with food! Use your imagination to make masterpieces out of your favorite treats. Whether its designing stained glass and mosaics, building 3D sculptures, or painting on canvas, you wont know whether to display your artwork or eat it!

Robot Engineer (ages 9-12) $369

Love building and using tools? This camp will get campers building and having hands on experience with robotics. As they build three different robots, they will learn about gears, robotics, and electricity. Campers will build OWI, Inc. Robotic Arm, the perfect learning tool for understanding the inner workings of a robot that is identical in nature to the robots being used in industry today. Campers will also build the Kingii Dragon Robot. This new kit will teach your camper how to engineer a robot that uses solar and hydraulic power in harmony, while challenging manual dexterity, and developing self-confidence.Campers will also learn to solder when they build the Blinky robot!

Session 3: Week of July 8

Little Science Chef (ages 3.5-5) $199

This camp is a half day camp and runs from 9:00am-12:00pm. Put on your lab coat and join us in the kitchen where you are the scientist, and the kitchen is your laboratory! Children will apply physical science, chemistry, and biology scientific processes to cook up experiments and test their theories. They will discover the scientific answers to tasty mysteries and eat their results!

Intro to Robotics and Programming (ages 3.5-5) Half day $199   Full Day $339

This NEW camp is for our youngest campers and introduces them to robotics and programming using Kibo, designed for the youngest programmers. Campers will build, program, decorate, and bring their own robots to life. KIBO gives your kids the chance to make their ideas physical and tangible—exactly what their young minds and bodies need. And KIBO does all this without requiring screen time from PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Sea Adventures (ages 6-8) $339

Arrrrrrrg! Welcome Me Hearties! Calling all Marine biologists! Campers will explore the crystal blue oceans studying the structure of our oceans, marine life, and environmental issues. In addition to our oceanography experiments and activities, no sea adventure would be complete without some pirate escapades in search of gold, gems, and of course, some buried treasure.

American Girl Doll Design Time (ages 6-8) $339

Calling all American Girl Doll lovers! Come create your own American Girl Doll world by designing a collection of fun accessories for your favorite dolls! Learn how to make unicorn squishies, make up beauty kits, trendy tote bags, and other fashion accessories. Don’t miss out on these hot new trends for you and your doll!

Emergency Vet (ages 9-12) $339

This class camp has been revised for Summer 2019!! This camp is a camper’s ticket to the world of Veterinary Medicine. Lessons will give campers the opportunity to look into the real and exciting field of Veterinary Medicine. Campers will meet practitioners in the field and be involved with several hands-on experiments including learning suturing techniques and how to use a syringe! We will be featuring our CPR Dog for the first time in this camp and there is also a unit on dog training. Campers will also be involved in three dissection activities: Sheep Heart, Owl Pellet, and Crayfish.Each camper will receive his or her very own medical kit! This is a camp your aspiring vet will not want to miss!

The STEAM Lab (ages 8-12) $339

Join us as we transform our kitchen into a tinker lab where children are inspired to build like an engineer, question like a scientist, create like an artist, and deduce like a mathematician all through the world of cooking! Watch their excitement as they develop all of their creations in the kitchen and then dig in with a spoon and enjoy!

Session 4: Week of July 15

Lil Number Chef (ages 3.5-5) $199

This camp is a half day camp and runs from 9:00am-12:00pm. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Children will learn how to count and identify numbers while preparing, cooking, and snacking their way though number concepts. Little chefs will problem solve and use critical thinking in order to cook up mathematical creations in the kitchen! Who knew math could be so delicious?

Lil Space Explorer (ages 3.5) Half day: $199   Full day: $339

Kids of all ages love space, so that’s why we created Lil Space Explorer for ages 3.5 to 5 years. We all remember watching the launch of space rockets from NASA, the first steps by man on the moon, watching astronauts float in zero gravity and of course those bulky but futuristic space suits. Campers will become astronauts in training as they learn about and participate in hands on activities about the sun, moon, planets, and the life of an astronaut. Projects include Making Moon Sand, Fizzing Planets, creating a galaxy, participating in an astronaut obstacle course, and many more.

Dash & Dot Programming (ages 6-8) $339

This camp uses Dash and Dot, clever bots created by Wonder Workshop. They are real robots that can sing, dance, navigate courses, and respond to voice commands. Using a tablet and apps, campers practice coding the robots to participate in a variety of different challenges and to create new behaviors for Dash.

Minecraft Game Design (ages 6-8) $339

Minecraft is a block-building sandbox game with no set rules, where you can build anything you can possibly imagine. Allowing players to build, explore, create, collaborate, and even survive, Minecraft has created a new type of gaming environment. Campers learn how to make modifications and use Redstone to expand their creative abilities. For veteran gamers, this camp will assist your survival and creativity as you learn new strategies from the creators themselves. Campers will build and play in their own games, as well as play in shared worlds using a server. It is strongly recommended that campers have their own Minecraft account. They will be unable to save their games if they do not have an account.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! (ages 6-8) $339

Don’t miss out on a chance for a creepy crawler adventure as we explore the world of insects through food! Learn about these invertebrates through hands on fun in our kitchen. Identify characteristics, discover adaptations that bugs have in order to survive, and go on a scavenger hunt to collect and examine the creatures we find!

The SPA Lab (ages 8-12) $349

Spend the week getting pampered in our spa lab! Learn the science behind spa products as we take ordinary kitchen ingredients and make colorful bath bombs, lush lotion bars, sugary lip scrubs, yummy edible beauty masks and more! Don’t miss out on the chance to mix up your own spa treatments!

Session 5: Week of July 22

Jurassic (ages 3.5) Half day: $199   Full day: $339

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they are very much alive in Camp Jurassic. Campers learn about a variety of dinosaurs and their habitats. Rocks, minerals and fossils are studied along with a variety of related projects. Campers will work with additional take home projects. Special emphasis is placed on observation, inference, data collection, and just plain old fun! This is Geology 101!Sample Projects: 
Dinosaur Model, Panning for Gems and Minerals, Building a Volcano, Casting a Sea Shell Fossil and Dinosaur Dig.

Jr. Meteorologist (ages 6-8) $339

Campers will become meteorologists for the week and discover why our weather changes! Jr. Meteorologists will measure and record rainfall, create a water cycle wheel, build a weather station, learn about the Greenhouse Effect, create a terrarium, design their own tornadoes, create “snow” during the summer and more! Before you know it, Jr. Meteorologist will be on the 6 o’clock news doing the weather! In addition: Campers will end the week demonstrating the three states of matter by making and eating some delicious ice cream. Throughout the week they will take home projects that include: sun prints, UV beads, a wind vane, anemometer, and a very cool rain stick!

Star Wars STEM Lab (ages 6-8) $339

Blast off into a galaxy far, far, away and immerse yourself into our STAR WARS universe! Your budding Padawan will become a Master in STEM as they explore fun experiments while traveling through the Star Wars galaxy. Are you up for the challenge of moving things without touching them like a Jedi, growing your own kyber crystal, or exploding a balloon with a beam of energy, just like the Death Star? If so, join us! May the force be with you….

Video Game Maker (ages 9-12) $339

This is another camp for those who want their creativity to run wild and create a video game that others want to play. Club SciKidz uses Fusion 2.5 from Clickteam to teach campers how to build two-dimensional video games. This software provides an easy-to-use game-authoring environment that allows campers to create many types of computer games, screen savers, and other applications. Campers will get started with a Space Shooter Game where they learn how to create moving backgrounds, add scores and lives, design instructions and titles, create waves of enemies, and transition screens. Later in the week, campers will learn how to create Maze and Platform Games.

3D Creator (ages 9-12) $369

This camp is a great compliment to 3D printing. Campers will be using 3Doodler Pens to create amazing 3D structures. They will learn how to properly use the 3D pen and learn about its practical uses in the fields of Science and Technology. Students will be introduced to concepts of engineering.  They will apply their newfound knowledge when they design, plan, and create their own 3D projects. Campers will respond to engineering challenges to put their skills to the test. Some sample projects include bridge building and replica famous structures. All 3D projects will be taken home by campers.

Hogwarts School of Culinary Magic (ages 9-12) $339

Come relive the excitement of Harry Potter’s adventures with magical recipes in our kitchen! With a dash of mystery and a pinch of creativity, you’ll conjure up magical treats, snacks, and potions! Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the wizarding world of culinary concoctions!

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