Originally Published on Pakola.com
September 2020

Make up for limited social interaction by finding ways to stimulate your child’s interest to learn even when at home.

Parents, the challenge is on – how can you make learning from home fun and engaging?


The pivot to online classes and virtual learning has subsequently pushed unique subscription kits from mere concepts into viable businesses.

From our Packola community, here are 3 amazing small businesses whose imaginative ideas, in beautifully-designed custom boxes, deliver a perfect mix of education and recreation.


I’m The Chef Too! blends food, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and the arts into educational fun.

“We offer edible adventure kits that infuse educational concepts into our recipes making learning fun, engaging, and tasty,” shares owner Lisa Wallace.

The team is composed of educators, mothers, and designers whose goal is to create meaningful learning experiences through cooking. Each box or adventure kit is infused with STEM concepts that enable children to invent, engineer, and create through inquiry-based techniques and open-ended problem-solving. One of which is the exciting Galaxy Donuts Adventure Kit.

According to Lisa, their inspiration for the Galaxy Donuts box design is to create a feeling of being blasted off into the galaxy. They chose eye-catching art and bright, bold colors that will excite kids to open the box right away and start their edible adventure. The Galaxy Donuts Adventure Kit includes the adventure recipe, pre-measured dry ingredients, specialty supplies, themed STEM-related activities, an apron patch, and an activity guide.

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