Our “Choose Your Adventure Kits” infuse STEAM based concepts into recipes, giving children the creative confidence to learn in a unique meaningful way.  Children are creating, inventing, designing, engineering, and questioning all through the world of cooking!  These learning experiences include inquiry based learning and problem solving as they bake their way through some of their favorite topics!

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Apron and Guide

Join The Adventure!

Get ready to choose your adventure! Each edible adventure takes children on an exciting journey that blends food, STEM, and the Arts into educational fun! The journeys are endless!

Adventure Kit

Get Ready to Explore, Invent, Design, Create, and LEARN!

Adventures you’ll experience are themes in Geology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Science, Math, Art, Engineering, Oceanography, Science, Paleontology, Epidemiology, and more! Each kit combines the love of cooking and infuses it with educational concepts making learning fun, engaging, and tasty!

Kit in Mailbox

Delicious STEAM Fun!

Each adventure kit is filled with 1 main recipe, pre-measured dry ingredients, specialty supplies, an activity guide, recipe card, a short shopping list of items needed, collectible apron patch, and 2-3 STEAM based projects that are all theme related. Uncover a new adventure and learning experience every time!