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Blast off into outer space and journey through a cosmic adventure of galaxies galore! Take a trip to the stars and create galaxy donuts and galactic glaze, calculate your weight on other planets, identify our constellations by making a constellation geoboard, and  learn about the art of marbleization as you make galactic art paper! What’s really out there in the universe, billions of miles away…come with us to explore!

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This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Adventure Recipe
  • Pre measured Dry Ingredients
  • Specialty Supplies
  • 2-3 themed STEM Related Activities
  • Apron Patch
  • Activity Guide

This adventure blends food, STEM, and the Arts into educational fun! Our recipes and themed projects in this kit include the following educational STEAM concepts:

  • Astronomy Too!
  • Science Too!
  • Math Too!
  • Art Too!

Additional information

Weight 1.05 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in

4 reviews for Galaxy Donut Kit

  1. ilegato (verified owner)

    We have ordered several kits from I’m a Chef Too. Each kit has easy to follow directions and many activities. My kids were lucky enough to participate in a zoom with this one and part of a school fundraiser. They loved engaging with the teacher and other children. Not only did they walk away with a delicious and beautiful creation they learned a lot too. A week later I was reading a book to my 6 year old that included a reference to the Milkway and she made a connection to the galaxy donut project!

  2. Elizabeth Rhoades (verified owner)

    Our whole family enjoyed making the galaxy donuts and the other activities included in the kit! The directions and the ingredients included in the kit made it so easy and fun for all of us! I love how we also have the molds now so we can make more galaxy donuts in the future! Not only did our kids have fun baking, but they learned a lot too! Thank you!

  3. nancybeth_1 (verified owner)

    We love this kit! Learning about the solar system and making galaxy donuts was not only fun but educational, and my kiddos had a blast! We were able to create geoboards while learning about a variety of constellations- super cool. As a parent, I really love the activity where we can calculate our weight on other planets, that was a lot of fun for my child and myself! I would highly recommend this award winning kit to other families, we will be purchasing more in the future. Thank you for creating such fun experiences!

  4. northendapt41 (verified owner)

    We purchased this kit as our first experience with I’m the Chef and my children liked it so much that they immediately asked to look for other experiences. Not only were their creations tasty but it was so easy to follow with most ingredients already portioned out and we even get to make them again in the future since the mold and easy to use instructions were included in the kit. Additionally, there were other experiments for the kids to work on so they got to bake but continue to expand their learning experience even after they were done working in the kitchen.

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